I have dedicated this life of mine to play the destiny-designated role of providing relief patients from their diseases and suffering. Ayurveda, for me is not merely a medical science; its a life science that teaches us how to cope with the challenges of modern society and live happily. My focus is not on providing treatment for a disease or its surface-level symptoms— its to treat the person from the root causes. This means the manifestation of a disease and its cure depends on the trick of assessing the exact interplay of Kapha, Vata and Pita in his or her body. I use my experience of 52 years in accurately analyzing the Dosha’s, the root cause of every ailment/ disease and provide classical treatments as prescribed in our ancient science. My commitment to myself every morning and to every patient who approaches me is to do all I can for the health and happiness of my patients. I dedicate myself to this noble cause and continue to research deep into our time-tested ancient procedures as also keep abreast with modern medical advancements.

Dr. J. Mannachan

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