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Our Mission
We are committed to use our significant knowledge base of hidden, deep-rooted and authentic Ayurvedic treatments to nurture our patients to normalcy and good health at affordable costs.
Our Vision
Our vision is to be a torch bearer in conducting ongoing research into ancient Ayurvedic medical techniques, apply it to each patient’s specific bodily conditions on merit and provide mid and long term remedies.

Our center is situated in sylvan surroundings on the banks of the river Karuvannur – the freshness of nature is the backdrop to your wellness drive. Just 14 kms from Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, Ayurjyothi Panchakarma Hospital is easily accessible with proximity to major roads and national highway. If you are coming from outside Kerala or India, the Kochi International airport is just an hours drive/ 40 kms away. AyurJyothi has been in the service of patients across the globe since 2005. Our family of heritage physicians tap into their decades of experience curing patients with a range of ailments and diseases. Ayurjyothi was conceptualized as a "wellness ashram" where patients with genetic or lifestyle-related diseases can find relief to a wide range of health conditions, some of which has NO cure in modern allopathy. Expect us to provide treatment regimes tailored to your individual condition. For this reason, we finalize therapies only after a physical examination of the patient. Given the depth of cases our doctors have handled over 40 + years, in all probabilities, we have seen several patients with the exact combination of Dosha's as you.That pretty much cuts out the trial and error process from our treatment methodologies.

    Dr. J. Manachan

    Dr. J. Manachan: Our Founder and Chief Physician, Dr. J Manachan acquired professional qualifications way back in 1970 from the highly reputed Government Ayurveda College, Trivandrum. Ever since, Ayurveda has been a life-long dedication. Ayurjyothi is the realization of a personal dream: To make ‘ Pure Ayurvedic treatments un-tinged with commercial interests’, available at affordable prices & reduce the burden of disease, pain and suffering. A long career spanning 52 + years with leading Government Hospitals gave him an opportunity to treat patients from different sections of society.
    With an expansive patient-case volume in a wide range of ailments and diseases, he continues to diligently examine / review progress of every patient at Ayurjyothi, before recommending the exact combination of therapy and medicines. ...

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    Dr. Lijo Mannachan

    Dr. Lijo Manachan brings 17 years of embedded experience as a consulting physician with leading tradition-based Ayurveda hospitals. He is an award-winner{ Chief Minister’s State Award} for his contribution via free service to the elderly
    Ayurjyothi stems from his cherished goal to use his background in classical treatment procedures to provide holistic care for patients looking for respite from a variety of ailments. Dr. Lijo is also well-versed in Ayurveda Pharmacopeia and has been involved in the research & development of patent formulations.

    Dr. Remyn Lijo

    Dr. Remyn Lijo is an alumni of the famed Kotakkal Ayurveda College, the pioneering Ayurveda institution in the academic topography of India. Her 14 years of consultative experience with both Inpatient and OutPatient departments is useful in her chosen goal of being a source of strength and hope for patients at Ayurjyothi. Multi-lingual, fluent in English & Hindi, she is the go-to person for patients from across India and the world. Dr. Remyn’s world revolves around Ayurveda- when not at the hospital or being a multi-tasking mother, she is conducting camps, Ayurveda awareness campaigns or is sharing her knowledge with the medical fraternity by contributing articles in various magazines.

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Healthy body symbolizes a healthy mind and a healthy soul. Welcome to a new way of healthy living.
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