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    Dr. J. Manachan

    Dr. J. Manachan: Our Founder and Chief Physician, Dr. J Manachan acquired professional qualifications way back in 1970 from the highly reputed Government Ayurveda College, Trivandrum. Ever since, Ayurveda has been a life-long dedication. Ayurjyothi is the realization of a personal dream: To make ‘ Pure Ayurvedic treatments un-tinged with commercial interests’, available at affordable prices & reduce the burden of disease, pain and suffering. A long career spanning 52 + years with leading Government Hospitals gave him an opportunity to treat patients from different sections of society.
    With an expansive patient-case volume in a wide range of ailments and diseases, he continues to diligently examine / review progress of every patient at Ayurjyothi, before recommending the exact combination of therapy and medicines.
    Ayurveda is indeed a science but is also an art— The rare art of expertly gaging/ analyzing the exact disrupt in the Tri-Dosha’s of Kapha, Pita and Vaata in the human body, within minutes of examining a patient. Dr. Manachan’s niche is in having perfected this art and therein lies his success in curing 500000+ patients in 50 + years.
    Name a disease or health condition and Dr. Manachan can instantly dip into his razor-sharp memory, knowledge & wealth of experience in suggesting the apt cure. Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Liver Cirrhosis, Psoriasis, Infertility, Parkinson’s disease, Spine and Disc related conditions, Vitiligo, Neurology, Pediatric, Gynaecology and Paralysis are some of the conditions he specializes in— yet, this list is not exhaustive.
    He is held in high regard by his contemporaries for his firm grip on every aspect of this ancient science such as Pharmacopeia, formulations of special medicinal combinations and ‘ lesser-known, highly-effective’ traditional Kerala treatments.
    Dr. Manachan believes in sharing his knowledge with the larger medical community — he has been the chief speaker at several online and offline seminars, both national and international.
    To know more about our Ayurveda Guru’s life philosophy and thoughts.

    Founder's Note

    I have dedicated this life of mine to play the destiny-designated role of providing relief patients from their diseases and suffering. Ayurveda, for me is not merely a medical science; its a life science that teaches us how to cope with the challenges of modern society and live happily. My focus is not on providing treatment for a disease or its surface-level symptoms— its to treat the person from the root causes. This means the manifestation of a disease and its cure depends on the trick of assessing the exact interplay of Kapha, Vata and Pita in his or her body. I use my experience of 52 years in accurately analyzing the Dosha’s, the root cause of every ailment/ disease and provide classical treatments as prescribed in our ancient science. My commitment to myself every morning and to every patient who approaches me is to do all I can for the health and happiness of my patients. I dedicate myself to this noble cause and continue to research deep into our time-tested ancient procedures as also keep abreast with modern medical advancements.

    Dr. Lijo Mannachan

    Dr. Lijo Manachan brings 17 years of embedded experience as a consulting physician with leading tradition-based Ayurveda hospitals. He is an award-winner{ Chief Minister’s State Award} for his contribution via free service to the elderly
    Ayurjyothi stems from his cherished goal to use his background in classical treatment procedures to provide holistic care for patients looking for respite from a variety of ailments. Dr. Lijo is also well-versed in Ayurveda Pharmacopeia and has been involved in the research & development of patent formulations.

    Dr. Remyn Lijo

    Dr. Remyn Lijo is an alumni of the famed Kotakkal Ayurveda College, the pioneering Ayurveda institution in the academic topography of India. Her 14 years of consultative experience with both Inpatient and OutPatient departments is useful in her chosen goal of being a source of strength and hope for patients at Ayurjyothi. Multi-lingual, fluent in English & Hindi, she is the go-to person for patients from across India and the world. Dr. Remyn’s world revolves around Ayurveda- when not at the hospital or being a multi-tasking mother, she is conducting camps, Ayurveda awareness campaigns or is sharing her knowledge with the medical fraternity by contributing articles in various magazines.

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