Panchakarma comprising of different forms of treatment are offered at Ayurjyothi Panchakarma Hospital.

We imbibe the nuances of Panchakarma, meaning 5 types of therapies { In Ayurveda} and follow the 3 stages it involves in its fullest  essence. Within the realms of this process, we factor in minutest of symptoms and address the underlying causes for each individual patient’s malady through our therapies.

Traditional knowledge, research, extensive practice and a wealth of case studies allow our Ayurveda Practitioners to judiciously choose the right combination of Panchakarma treatments to offer relief for a range of diseases. Whether its ‘MND’ multiplesclerosis, jaundice, cirrhosis, all kinds of skin diseases specially psoriasis, hepatitis, osteoarthritis, Rheumatic Fever, piles, paediatric disorders, kidney disorders, nervous complaints, psychiatric diseases like depression sleeplessness, hypertension or obesity, our hospital has a track record of treating all such patients successfully over the last 15 years.

The 3 stages in Pancha Karma are

Purva Karma

Preparatory treatments to be performed before starting the Panchakarma. These are directed to preparing the patient mentally and physically for the main procedure.

Pradhan Karma

Includes all the panchakarma procedures and the specific combination of therapies for a patients’ condition. This is the most essential step in curing any disease. Further it aims to remove toxins from the body, which are liquefied by the preparatory treatments.

Paschyat Karma

Post-operative Care- This is performed to ensure that the cure is sustained in the long-term.

Treatments Offered

At AyurJyothi, we follow the above principles without compromise- Therein lies the key to our success curing patients with complex medical situations for which Allopathy has little solution for, other than mitigating or suppressing the symptoms. In fact, some of our patients tell us that at the point, allopathy throws its hands up, Ayurveda steps in. { Though ideally, its recommended to adopt Ayurvedic treatments in the initial stages itself}

• Basti (medicated enemas)
• Nasya (nasal administration of oils)
• Fomentations such as steam and external oil treatments
• Virechana (purgation through herbs)
• Rakthamokshana ( Blood Letting )
• Purvakarma (pre-purification measures) includes Snehana (Abhyangam) and Swedana (sweating) methods
• Vamana (emesis through herbs)
• Different types of herbal massages

Some of the more specialized treatments we offer

• Thalapothichil
• Njavarakizhi
• Uttara Basti used to treat female infertility
• Nadi Sweda used in pain disorders
• Kati Basti used in treating backaches
• Podikizhi.
• Tarpanam used in ailments of eye
• Pinda Sweda used in neurological ailments
• Shirodhara used in treating anxiety, hypertension, depression etc
• Elakizhi.
• Udvartana – a treatment used in skin diseases
• Shirobasti used in treating hair loss and other ailments of the skull
• Janu Basti used in arthritis treatment

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